Insurance and rates around OKC

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Who does everyone use to insure their properties, and what do insurance rates average around OKC, Moore, and Yukon for a 3/2 less than 100K. I've got my eyes on some potential deals and am working on practicing analyzing them. 

I’m not from that area so I have no clue. However, what I’ll do to analyze deals sometimes is just go through Allstate or Geico and actually quote the property. It takes a few minutes and you’ll get an accurate quote. However the last house I bought I went through an agent and we wrote the insurance about half of what Geico and Allstate quoted. That’ll at least give you options.

@Chris Hayes

It depends on what area, age of home, and age of roof. If you would like, I’m happy to get you hooked up with a good insurance broker here in town. 

Zach Sikes, Real Estate Agent in OK (#157234)

I use Blake Wimsey at Foundation Insurance. He represents a lot of different insurance companies and can shop quotes and coverages for the best price/value. He does all of our rental properties as well as my personal stuff. Give him a call.

@Chris Hayes What Luke is doing is exactly what I do if I am unaware of the cost. 

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