Oklahoma City Multifamily Broker/PM Reccomendations

2 Replies | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Hey everyone! I am currently looking for smaller multifamily properties in the Oklahoma city area and am looking for recommendations for brokers and property managers. I am specifically targeting smaller C-B assets, 5-30 units, up to $1.5 M. If any of you have any contacts of brokers and/or property managers that work with properties that fit the bill I'd love to hear your recommendations. 

Of course, any of you investors that are local and have insight into the area I would love to hear your thoughts as well. I am just really starting to dive into my market research so any local advice is always appreciated. I plan to spend a week or so in October visiting the city and hopefully visiting some properties and connecting with potential team members, so lets connect and meet up if you and in the area and interested in talking shop over a beer/coffee/lunch. Thanks for the insight everyone and happy deal hunting!

lots of folks looking at those.  a few deals out there but not nearly enough.  just be ready when it comes along.