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I'm an investor based in LA, and I am looking at flipping a house in Portland (Laurelhurst submarket). Any recommendations on contractors, designers, and any other tradesmen in the Portland area that can start work right away? Everyone who I've spoken with says it will take 2-3 months for them to start work as they are already booked.

This would be our first flip in Portland (have done many in LA but not Portland). Also, any other recs on the Portland market are welcomed.


Hi @Eman K. ,

The flipping market is tougher in Portland right now, mostly because of the level of competition that you see in the area.  Many RE investors and RE companies have discovered the area and are driving up prices on what is already a limited supply.  With that said, I'm sure you can still find some potential flips - the margins will just be tighter (in my experience).  You can still find some lower priced flip opportunities in deeper East side Portland - albeit with less upside, generally.

I'm just curious - what draws your interest to Portland as an LA investor?

Best of luck!


Hi @Taj T.

To clarify, I've already identified the house and I am currently under contract. The challenge I'm running into is finding someone to do the rehab work. The house needs minor work, nothing extensive.

LA market is highly competitive as well, and we are looking to expand our footprint to other west coast cities. 


welcome to what all of us in PDX are experiencing and that is a drastic shortage of skilled labor.

you can ping me off line and I can see if I can spring one of my crews, but 2 to 4 months out is about right

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