Multnomah county OREGON Division of Assessment & Taxation

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I received a notice from the Division of Assessment & Taxation regarding the recent transaction and the sales value of my recent purchase. The property hasn't been re-assessed over 12 yrs since the previous seller and my concern is volunteering info as such will spike up the property tax next year.  I know there is nothing I can stop County from digging information on the internet. Anyone experienced this before and how did you deal with their request? 

They'll also come to your door and ask to take a look around the property.  They are in fact looking to reassess your property at a higher value.  I never return their calls or letters and if they show up on site my crew has specific instructions to escort them off the property and do their assessment from the public sidewalk.  All the information they need is on the county website.  You are under no obligation to provide any information.  

@Michael Jones I just purchased a house and the same thing happened. The assessor came to look at my property, rang the doorbell while I was upstairs. By the time I came downstairs, I found him snooping around in my backyard looking inside the windows. When I went out to confront him, he ignored me and walked away. I think I have since misplaced his card, is there anything I can do if our property tax for next year comes in higher because of his snooping?

I second what Michael Jones said. It happens whenever there is, what they consider, an under market sale. The last time it happened to me they were harassing my tenants. I just avoid the calls and toss the letters. Usually it goes away or they come out and assess from the curb or snoop around while you're not there. Not much you can do about that one...

@Zach Davis I'm not sure that it's just an under market sale. I think one of the triggers is when a property is sold off market. 

Like @Michael Jones said, they don't have a right to enter into the property. We had an assessor actually walk into a job site so be sure to tell your team to look out for people wearing neon vests.

I believe pulling permit will also trigger their visit as well. Back then when my property were under major renovation, the County dude showed up asking question on the rent, budget and square footage etc. My contractors just played dumb and he left few minutes after getting no answers.

They also look at MLS and if it says remodeled on a recent sold they get a stiffie and will call and knock on your door. I tell my clients and buyers to ignore them.