New to Real Estate Investing and the Portland Area

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Hello all!

First time poster here. I moved here about year ago from Boston for work and I am hoping to hack my way into an owner occupied multifamily at some point this year. This would be my first home purchase as I am completely new to real estate investing (and homebuying in general) but have been attempting to read as much as possible and listening to the bp podcasts at every free moment I have.

I have connected with a reputable agent in the area as well as a lender that both seem to be investor friendly. I found their names primarily through biggerpockets forum recommendations and we have been working together for the past two months. 

I was really hoping to have a property under my belt before reaching out, and have offered on a few already, but figured that I shouldn't postpone opportunities to network as that may take some time. I feel that I am at this strange waiting period before gaining investment momentum and am very eager (and almost anxious) to get the ball rolling. 

Just shooting out the introduction and looking to network with anyone in the area. Completely new to this world of investing but extremely eager to connect and learn. 

Have a great day!

@Charles Han Welcome to the PNW! You're already off to a great start by educating yourself as much as possible. Decent multifamily properties are difficult to come by here but they do exist and there are dozens of awesome investors on this site that can help you in your search. 

I would suggest attending a meet up if you haven't done so already. @Mike Nuss runs the Rare Bird investor network which is an absolute incredible resource for investors of shapes and sizes. 

If you ever want to talk shop, shoot me a DM and we can grab coffee!

Hey Charles!

Congrats on getting going...I really think taking that first step is the hardest and you've already done that! It's definitely a long-term, patience game so you're right on track to be wanting to get the ball rolling. Congrats again and welcome to Portland. 

Looking forward to seeing you around! 


Thanks for the shout out @Caleb Webster

@Charles Han way to get going. This aint easy, but it sure is simple. I suggest don't delaying on anything.....sharpen your sword so it's ready to go when needed. Don't hold off on networking and meeting/deepening relationships with potential team members. I'm glad you'll try to make it to one of our meetings. February's topic will be all about acquisition techniques so that's a great one to start with. Hope to see you there. 

@Mike Nuss thanks for the advice! I’m definitely trying to do my due diligence but jumping in headfirst and learning on the way down as well. I just grabbed coffee with @Caleb Webster and he recommended rarebird again. I will definitely be making it out to a meeting. Looking forward to hopefully connecting with you and learning during the meetup! 

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