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I am in the process of contacting some homes I have found off market, which may take some rehabbing. For sale by owner, or otherwise. I will be looking at wholesaling these properties for those interested in buying. My realm of scope right now is focused in the Downtown Vancouver area, near the new Waterfront Development as well as a hospital, college, and a center for nightlife/entertainment. I am hoping to find some discounted properties in the area of 150k to 250k and market rent usually goes for 600-800 a month per room. I am pretty new to the world of real estate, however I would be more than happy to chat with someone interested in what I am doing and may want leads on some properties.

I am not strictly looking for an offer, I'd be fine with general advice for my new endeavor. However I am open to anything for those interested.

Hey @Cory Walaitis Welcome to BP! Not sure how you stumbled onto it, but you're in good hands. This website is pretty awesome. Especially the podcasts. So if you haven't listened to them I would highly recommend it. I'm fairly new to real estate as well and trying to make some solid relationships in the Vancouver area. Do you mind telling us a little about yourself? Background, what type of people and properties are you looking for, etc.?  Do you plan to do mostly wholesaling? I don't think you will have a problem finding buyers. It may not seem like it, but there are a ton of investors in the area with cash burning holes in their pockets lol. I learned pretty quickly that there are always going to be other deals and other people willing to buy from you. So don't feel pressured to unload these properties to the first random person that approaches you.  I would meet in person with as many investors as you can until you find somebody you "click" with. It's a lot more fun doing business with people you get along with! 

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Awesome! Well thank you for sharing some useful information with me, and it means a lot to get a reply from someone that seems to know about the landscape of BiggerPockets and Vancouver. I am a pretty young investor myself, I recently graduated from Hayes Freedom High School (Camas WA), and working into real estate investing is a topic that really excites me, and I am planning to work in. My eventual goal is to buy a single family home in the area, whether it be downtown or along the Mill Plain corridor, or by the mall, somewhere where I can find a well priced property that can easily be rented out by room. However, because I do not have enough time on the job yet to be qualified for a loan from the bank, I am turning to Wholesaling to learn more about properties in the mean time, and maybe even buy a property when the time comes. Whatever profit I earn from Wholesaling I consider a bonus, in the mean time I feel like the experience is what really counts to me. I would love to hear more about your story @Kent Nielson and what your expertise or plans are considering future real estate deals. Also, I am pretty new to this website as a whole so any advice is good advice to me. Thank you!

the foreclosure / Trustee sales are every Friday in the Kiosk in front of the new city building in Vancouver a block up from the courthouse were they used to be.

Go there and watch.. then ask around for Rod Nylund.  You will see him dominating the sales. Him and his group.

introduce yourself.. he is one of the biggest buyers of distressed assets in the county.. I partnered with him for years ( silent money partner).. 

What Makes Rod the go to guy is he has a huge crew through his church network of rehabbers and no one can get close to touching how fast and cheap he can rehab.. this allows him to pay more.

I butted heads with him for about a year until we sat down and decided to put my capital into his machine.  

And if you can talk to him tell him I referred you.

Hi Cory!

You and I are in the same boat. I have recently begun a boots on the ground process for finding off market distressed homes in the Vancouver area that I can eventually wholesale. I am new to the process of wholesaling but have been studying for sometime, so it's time to get into the game. I have already compiled many leads and am excited to continue the process to land some deals. I only know a handful of investors in the area and I am eager to meet more. If you would like to chat more I am always open to it! 

@Cory Walaitis That is great you are starting as early as you are.  Time is definitely on your side and I like your idea of getting into your first house as soon as you can and renting out rooms.  Good luck with wholesaling, as @Kent Nielson says, there are many investors with cash that are more then willing to take properties off your hands.  Get to know the people you want to work with on a personal level and don't be afraid to keep the list short.  

@Jay Hinrichs Very good to know and I sent in a call today to his office, so I look forward to hearing from him soon and maybe even getting my foot in the door. I appreciate all the helpful advice and will try to stop by the foreclosure sale on Friday to get a glimpse of what is going on. Thank you!

Originally posted by @Cory Walaitis :

@Jay Hinrichs Very good to know and I sent in a call today to his office, so I look forward to hearing from him soon and maybe even getting my foot in the door. I appreciate all the helpful advice and will try to stop by the foreclosure sale on Friday to get a glimpse of what is going on. Thank you!

don't hold your breath on getting a call back.. unless you gave him an address of what he can buy now..  plus he only text messages these days..  your ONLY hope is to do as I stated .. show up at the sale on Friday and introduce yourself. and there are other buyers there that's where the buyers are.  

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