Inner SE Portland, OR rental, parking or yard?

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Close in SE (40 and Division) with corner lot and neighbors gobble up parking in and around property. Is a duplex so need is there for parking. Sorry skinny house people. Can create off-street parking with curb cut already there from a 100 years ago, or create great backyard with porch etc.

With yards being eaten alive with ADU's and all seems yards should be a premium. Lot is 33x100.

Morning @Jeff S.

I'd say whatever you do, leave it easy to undo! If you're going to put up a porch and a great backyard, I just wouldn't go overboard on the plantings/fencing/porch work so that in the future you can remove the upgrades and develop there. The Oregonian had an article in it this morning about the Portland pushing back on the infill mandates from the state and trying to tack on extra requirements (shocking!) so it'll be at least a year before anything official rolls out. If you're not in a hurry and can afford to wait, why not turn it into something that may make tenants want to stay (a better backyard) or could potentially generate income (parking)? 

Having that 33X100 lot in close-enough in Portland is a good problem to have!


Thanks for the comment @Mathew Wray . Not planning any infill at this time. It doesn’t seem like a real possibility considering the old structure there and the value as it stands. Tearing down would greatly reduce to lot value which is considerably less than plex in it’s present form.

Parking is scarce in that area.  If you go that way maybe rent the parking separately from the house.  In the case tenants won't pay for it, a neighbor will.  If you are thinking of off street parking as an attractive amenity, consider wiring for EV charging.  

Some of our inherited tenants use their "free" off street parking to store dead vehicles and junk.  In the future we will add a surcharge for parking even if it is a token sum.  Free parking (housing for cars) is a 20th century concept.  

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