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looking for recommendations on a real estate agent in Eugene, OR, does not necessarily need to be investor-friendly, looking to put an offer in on a foreclosure. I am doing this from California, looking to purchase a primary residence.

I would recommend The Hapole's (Erick & Jeannette Harpole)  - 541-343-7653

website is

They market themselves to be "experts" at closing short sales and we have purchased a few short sales that they closed.

I should clarify for others that this is a straight REO, not a pre-foreclosure.

I have used Mike Sims 54l-51O-O552 He is no non-sense and good to work with.

Just joined BP and saw this. We used Lynne Gately with Re/Max for both purchase and sale of our home - she was awesome!!!

Hi I just going BP recently and saw your post. You probably already found someone but I would be happy to help! I have purchased and helped many clients purchase REO's. Thanks!

Hi friends in Eugene,

Hey, this is not about a real estate agent, but I need some techy help on BP.

Where do you find pending connect requests?  When I try to connect with someone, it says "could not connect because person's name has a pending connection request out to you." Or something to that affect is said; however, I cannot find any pending requests. This has happened several times.

(Facebook I get; BP I don't get.) Thanks!

Hi in Eugene... new to all this looking for investors in the eugene\ springfield area...

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