Do you own rentals in Eugene, OR? I have a tenant looking ...

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I have a tenant planning to move to Eugene, Oregon around June 1, 2019 (date somewhat flexible) looking for a 3-4 bed, 2 bath, with a fenced in yard. SFR preferred, but open to multiplex or apartment if it's suitable for their young children (newborn and 2.5-yr-old) and 40 lb. dog. Target rent around $2000/month, but open to paying more for the right place. They have solid employment and rental history ... they'd make great tenants. Anyone have anything like this coming available this summer?

I would think that would get them a nice executive home in the area.. !!!

I’ll be putting my rental on the market around that time if they’re interested in buying. 

Jackie -

We expect to have a 3/1 home with a fenced yard available for rent in May, dog-friendly, South Eugene. 

It might be on the low side of the space they're looking for, but it will also be below their target rent. There is a second unit on the lot, but standalone with separate parking, entrance, yard. 

If there's interest, send me a message. Either way, best of luck!


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