Starting an REIA for Philly investors!!

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Hello BP Philadelphia!

My name is Brett Stander, I am a young and aspiring real estate investor in the Philly area. I was thinking that a good idea for us stuck at home during this would be to meet up over zoom with anyone who is interested in discussing real estate investing in Philly (or really just in general). If enough people are interested, I will set up a zoom meeting for everyone for an hour, once a week, possibly Tuesday nights at 7 PM eastern? Please comment below if you are interested!

Updated 8 months ago

Hello Everyone! I apologize for the slow moving of this, but I have moved the discussion to a less specified platform, so that we can have more members join each week. If a lot of people from Philly want to have a separate discussion about market specifics, I am happy to set that up as well too! You can see my new post at the following link: Thanks for being so patient everyone, I hope you're all staying safe! Brett

Updated 3 months ago

Hello everyone! Thank you all for the interest and I apologize for the radio science. The group has thus been merged into Smart Real Estate REIA, another group to which I am a part of. You can find more of that info here: Please feel free to message me with any comments, questions, or concerns. Thanks!

Hi Brett,

I think it is a great idea! My husband and I are just starting to explore the idea of investing in rental real estate in Philly and would love to "meet" and chat with other people, who are doing the same! Hopefully you can find more people! 

Hi Brett, I am interested. I am in the DMV area and researching Philly now to begin investing asap. Philly is complex with it's neighborhoods and I was surprised to see the cost of properties relative to the DMV. I have enjoyed my short visits there and like the communities. This PEW Philly migration study is 4 years old now, but I think it shows how complicated it is: It has a net domestic outflow but it is growing.

@Brett Stander

hey everyone! Glad to see some interest in the idea. I have been insanely busy these last few weeks, but will create the meeting sometime in the beginning of. Next week, along with details. Stay tuned!