Philly in a Forbes Top 10 Today!

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During the last 6 months, I have seen a massive increase of people and companies leaving California and making the transition to Austin. As this article states: https://santaritaranchaustin.c...

The main reasons for companies moving to Austin are the lower cost of living which, in turn, means they can pay the employees less, as well as the business-friendly tax laws + incentives. We will continue to see massive relocation efforts by bigger companies who are betting big on saving money due to these aspects.

@Steve Babiak they are jumping ship to CO and Austin! I'm curious how Philly places on the list in previous years. I'd like to see if this influx of higher list prices and inventory moved had anything to deal with the buyer aggression that festered as a result of the entire REI shutdown when COVID started and was released from the flood gates once made essential.