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Why Do You Invest in Philadelphia? (Testimonial Request!)
BiggerPockets! I'm working on building a landing page for the city of Philadelphia. Would anyone be willing to share why you choose to invest in the city? What makes your city so wonderful?
Documents you have to provide to your tenants in Philadelphia
Hello all,I see a lot of questions here on BP forums about rentals in Philadelphia and landlord-tenant rules. I put a list of links together for new investors to use and see what you need to rent a property in... View more
Philadelphia Use Permits Limit
HiCan a property have multiple active use permits in place or is only the latest one in force?For example, I am looking at a CMX-3 property that has a current grandfathered use permit for a single fam. However, I would... View more
Philadelphia Market Update, November 2020
Hi all. New Bright report below. The Philadelphia Metro saw continued strength as the November market started to shift along seasonal activity levels. Low inventory kept median sales prices at a fifth consecutive... View more
Philadelphia Market Update, October 2020
Hi all, October report from Bright. October 2020 Housing Market Update: The Philadelphia Metro reported an October record for median sales price as higher-end home prices rose sharply. Demand remained strong, with new... View more
Market Evaluation Testimonial
Hi BP Community,I'm making this post because I want to hear everyones current thoughts on the market. I've been hearing more excuses lately as to why some investors are not buying now, (mainly waiting till after the... View more
General Contractor in Philadelphia
Hi all, I'm currently looking for recommendations from fellow investors in the greater Philadelphia area for general contractors who can help with fix and flip deals. My business partner and I are ever closer to... View more
Philly Electrician Referral
Hi everyone, I'm looking for referrals on registered electricians for a flip in Philly. Needed mostly for rough in. Any recommendations are appreciated! Thanks in advance.
Rent Payment Survey NARPM National results, August 2020
Hi all, NARPM released August rent survey. The trend continues for the majority of single-family property tenants to remain current with their rent payments, according to a nationwide survey released today by the... View more
Philadelphia Market Update, August 2020
Hi all, New report from Bright. If you want full report snd me a DM with your email address.Thoughts on how long this market will last? The median sales price reached a ten-year high in the Philadelphia Metro as days... View more
Pa. businesses hurt by coronavirus can apply for grants tomorrow
I formed an LLC last year and bought a 3 family home last summer. My contractor (the second one I hired because the first one was awful) has been working on rehab since Nov 2019. They had to stop due to COVID and... View more
Philly handyman/sub/contractor referral
I have a house in west philly that needs some finish work done for rent ready: bath remodel and touch up paint work done within the coming week. Is there a reliable and reasonable pricing handyman/sub/contractor that... View more
Philadelphia Emergency Rental Assistance Program
HI all, If you have tenants who fell behind on rent payments, City of Philadelphia just released an emergency assistance program that will accept application only between May 12 and May 16th. Let your tenants... View more
COVID-19 Influence - Which real estate markets will do best?
So what do you all think? Usually, landlords enjoy more favorable conditions in red (Republican) states and municipalities where laws are more landlord friendly - easier to evict, for example. Is Corona going to change... View more
Funding & Financial assistance for businesses
If you or you business is financially affected by the closures due to the covid-19 here is the resources that you can use to apply for 0% interest loans and/or grants form the city, state and federal... View more
Any good appraisers you guys can recommend?
I’m looking into a few duplexes in the northeast and I might be pulling the trigger soon. First property so I was wondering if anybody in the philly area has a good  appraiser and some contractors they would recommend. 
Neighborhoods for single family house hack in Philly?
Most of the house hacking related posts are asking for multifamily housing... but I'm fine living with roommates (I'm house hacking right now in Baltimore).What are some good neighborhoods for purchasing a single... View more
New Investor Looking For Property Managers and Contractors
Hey all, my name is Jeff Farrell and I’m new to real estate investing. I’m looking for property managers and contractors in the Hunterdon, Mercer, and Somerset County areas of NJ.  I’m looking to Brrrr rental... View more