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Need your help : FISHTOWN opportunity - Do you know the area?
Hello Fellow BP'ers!  I am a Brooklyn based investor currently weighing an opportunity in Fishtown. Specifically, near the Frankford Ave/Richmond St intersection.Since I am completely unfamiliar with Philly (I've only... View more
Philadelphia market Residential activity trend, Dec 2017
If someone what to see some data but does not have access to MLS. Here it is.The source is MLSLet me know if you want to see any other county that covered by Trend (berks, bucks, burlington, camden, chester,... View more
Disgruntled New Yorker looking for an agent in Philly
Hello, I am looking for 2-4 unit multifamily rentals and/or single family flips in Philly. My budget is 350k cash. I am looking for properties in need of cosmetic work as I want to add sweat equity myself and project... View more
First Rental Property (Kingsessing)
Hi Everyone,I am new to the Philadelphia area, however, am looking to get into the lower end renting sector of the city. I have a good network of two investors one with around 10 properties in lower end parts of Philly... View more
Starting a New Business. Looking for Advice.
I am a licensed architect living and working in Philly. I have an idea for a business but wanted feedback from other investors to see if this is something that people would be interested in. I also wanted to look at... View more
First Time Philly Investor
I'm deeply considering getting my first rental property in Philadelphia. I really love the city, it's low property tax rate, and some of the gentrification happening in all corners of the city. My goal is to invest in... View more
Real estate agent in downtown Philly?
Hi all. My partner and I would like to invest in luxury condos (<$300k) in downtown Philadelphia, and we are looking for a real estate agent to show us around- any recommendations? We are based in NYC, so weekends... View more
Change of Use Permit for CMX-1 property
I'm under contract on a cmx-1 building with 3 units. The top 2 units are residential and the first floor is in shell condition. The first floor is permitted for commercial/office use however I'd like to change it... View more
Legality/Liability in reported hazardous condition.
Hypothetical:  Pennsylvania tenant reports a hazardous condition in their unit (missing floorboard, arcing light switch, something like that).  What are the landlord's obligations?  Are there specific timeframes... View more
Delaware County PA Multifamily Trends
Hey fellow Philly area investors, Happy New Year! With 2017 coming to a close I took a look at market data on Multiunit transactions in Delco for the year and also previous years for reference. I originally started to... View more
Young investor looking at PhilIy
Hi there,Lived and worked in Philadelphia for a few years during college through 2015 but live out West in SF now. Real estate investor friend says buy what you know so looking to start off investing in Philadelphia.... View more
Philadelphia Tax Sale
Hello BP,I'm fairly new to BP (first post!), and I was hoping someone could talk me out of a bad idea.  There's a rowhome down the street from me.  It's been empty for the last two years at least and has a notice of... View more
Squatter Issues being looked into! Did you see the news?!
Check out this article by 6ABC news I just found: like Philly is finally looking in the issue more seriously. I know councilman David Oh was recently quoted in... View more
Philadelphia industry report, 3 quarter 2017
If someone what to see some report data but does not have access to MLS. Here it is. The source is Trend MLSLet me know if you want to see any other county that covered by Trend (berks, bucks, burlington, camden,... View more
When to remove snow in Philadelphia
Since we already had 2 snowfalls in Philadelphia this season, I recently encountered a conversation with a neighboring landlord about snow removal and how it is suppose to be done. According to City of Philadelphia... View more
Looking for opportunities
Hi I am ready to go for investing in the greater Philadelphia area. I want to meet new investors and get going if you would like a motivated detailed and intelligent investor let's talk?
Seeking Realtor in Philly who works with investors
We are looking into multi-family units in the Philadelphia area but need an experienced Realtor who works with investors and multi-units who can show us properties and advise us about the area and market.
Can anybody recommend me an insurance agent for quotes? Mixed-use
Hello everyone,I have a mixed use unit in Philadelphia and I wanted to shop around for quotes since my policy is coming up due in Jan and the price is kinda high. It seems that searching for commercial building... View more
Proof of Funds
Whats up BP, I want to make an offer on a few REOs with my realtor but I don't have enough money in my bank account to cover the proof of funds. Is there a website that I can go to to get one or I should just contact a... View more
Mont and Bux County Sheriff's Sales
Does anyone know if properties purchased from either Montgomery or Bucks County Sheriff's Sales are able to have title insurance issued on those properties?  I recently purchased a property at MontCo tax sale and have... View more
Cleanout in Philly - Who Buys Old / Vintage stuff?
Does anyone have any tips about who in the Philly region will buy:Old appliancesVintage furnitureVintage toolsVintage decorative itemsVintage TV, etc Best would be a company that comes in and gives a price to take... View more
Need Landlord Insurance Recommendations :)
Hey everyone!Hopefully will be closing on my first property in late December. Have started my search for landlord insurance, but I would be very interested to hear if anyone has a recommendation. Premium price is the... View more