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Hello everyone.  

I am living in Philadelphia for the summer and starting sometime in the next year I am moving here, hopefully into my first investment property.  I would love to sit down with someone in the area and talk real estate.  I am willing to buy lunch for some sound advice and a little feedback on my ideas and my goals.  

I am hoping to start relationships that will be mutually beneficial and I would appreciate anyone's time.  Thank you very much.

Just for my license and current investing would love to talk

Hey Ethan,  I'd recommend checking out some local REIAs (real estate investing groups).  They are a great place to go and meet people, and if you hit it off, invite one of them to meet up for a more in-depth discussion.  There are 3 in my area (Chester/Berks County) that I go to and are full of great people.  DIG (Diversified Investors Group) has a bunch of local sub-groups.

Hi Ethan,

Welcome to BP.
I'm also a local Philly investor, mainly in south Philly. My partner and I buy, rehab and rent or flip. We also own a construction company and have done big and small rehabs for others.

Good luck and feel free to reach out if have questions or need any type of help.

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