Rehab and Sell Mantua

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I am looking to rehab and sell in the Mantua and West Mount Airy/Germantown sections of Philadelphia. I see that Powelton Village has taken off, but wondering about the rest of 19104 zip code? There seems to be some solid deals on SFH on the outskirts in 19104, but how much is Powelton Village migrating out for rehab and sell? They are all relatively close to Drexel, downtown, train, zoo, etc.

Also, there are some appealing SFH in the 19119, 19144 sections, but again how much is this area expanding from the west side of Germantown Ave?

Just looking for a little insight from people who have worked in these areas. Thanks!

Hey Jordan, the areas that you mentioned are all incredibly hot neighborhoods, but finding inventory can be somewhat difficult. Germantown/West Oak Lane is one of my favorite areas to pick up deals in. There is great potential for both a flip and a hold and the prices have not become outrageous yet. If you need help analyzing deals or finding them, shoot me a message and I will help you out. 

Hi @Alexander Brian Frederick ! I'm also interested in Mantua. I noticed that properties are sitting on the market for a while, mostly ones closer to Lancaster and the Philly Zoo. Any idea why investors aren't as active in this part of west Philly? Especially with the redevelopment plan for Schuylkill yards?

BTW, I'm a newbie investor and just moved to Philly from South Jersey. I'm trying to narrow down a market that I'd like to invest. 

Thanks in advance!