Staging in Germantown East

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Hi @Rami Kaffezider   I would recommend doing some light staging on your own.  This is what I've done on my flips and it definitely makes a difference compared to an empty house without breaking the bank.  From my experience, a staging company can cost 2-3k or more depending on how much furniture you need and for how long.  If you invest in some staging furniture now, you can also use it on your future projects.

I agree. I've seen tons of properties bringing in top dollar with just decorations maybe some couches or a simple bed/night stand setup. All these can be purchased for < $1200 and can be reused. The Philly market is so hot right now that full staging is not worth it for that price range.

I've paid a lot of money to staging companies, and in many cases, I had their furniture in my property for less than two weeks...and I'm out 2-4k for the staging! You should definitely stage, but if you're reasonably confident about a quick sale, I'd also say try to do it on your own. If you don't want to, perhaps go with a stager and have them just do the living areas and maybe the master...and then you could add cheap accents yourself. I usually use the stager Voila Design. She does hundreds of houses in Philly each year. Good luck!

@Rami Kaffezider I actually just spoke to a stager who was pretty cheap will try he on my own property. She was willing to do a large 2k sq ft condo for 1.3k. If you’re interested I’ll forward the info, but doesn’t sound like you need it at that PPT in GTown. Good luck!

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