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Hello All, I am considering allowing dogs for my rental property in Philadelphia. Even though I am hesitant to do so I feel like it will open up the tenant pool. I am planning on having discretion on what types of dogs I will allow. What is everyone's experience with allowing dogs? Are there particular ones you wont allow(big, small, certain breeds)?

Also, do you find it better to have an upfront pet fee or a monthly pet rent?

Thanks In advance!

What kind of floors do you have? This makes a huge aspect of your decision.

My first property in Philly was my primary which I changed to investment after I got married. We had (apparently soft) hardwoods throughout the first floor and a more stable hardwood on the second floor. I rented to a couple with a 60 LB pit, a loveable dog, but not well trained.

Long story short -- between the dog and the furniture, those floors were basically destroyed after 18 months of tenancy. Ruined. Scratches everywhere, scrapes from was awful.

I will never, ever, ever, ever, EVER install hardwoods in any properties I own or will own in the future. Never. LVP or laminate or tile is the way to go.

If you've got hardwoods, I would strongly consider not renting to pet owners unless you plan on refinishing or replacing your floors. If you've already gone the LVP/laminate route, fine, the wear and tear shouldn't be as bad.

Just my $0.02, yes you will get more tenants but frankly, pets bring a whole other set of problems. Most pet owners expect to pay more so I would do a non-refundable pet fee at the beginning.

Hi Maneesh,

There are no Pit Cats, only Pet Cats.

Certain dogs are a huge insurance liability and my be prohibited by your policy.

Puppies are not typically very house broken and like to chew things.

Just my 2 cents.

Good Luck!

50 dollars a month. No dangerous dog breeds listed on common insurance policies.

50 dollars applies to cats, dogs, turtles... everything... 

This fee will contribute to the need to clean carpets or refinish floors when your tenant is out.