Heater Problem - Contractor Recommendations

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It seems like I may have a wiring issue in my heater. The tenant is saying that he needs to touch/twist the wire for the heater to turn up each time. 

Do you all have any contractor recommendations? And how much do you all think this will cost to fix? 

The property is in North East Philly, Zip Code is 19136

Thanks so much

You don’t mention the specific wire involved. Is it the thermostat wire? Is it the wire feeding the “emergency switch”? Is it the wire on the heater unit itself?

And you don’t mention whether the heating system is forced air or a boiler with radiators. And you don’t mention whether the fuel source is electric or gas or oil.

And all of the above assumed a central heating system; it’s quite possible you have electric baseboards that could lead to other questions ...

@Li F. We would need more information. I do some HVAC on the side for residential but I mostly work on commercial.

It may just be a simple fix of running new thermostat wire. I have to be there to see