Any Pittsburgh Meetups?

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Looking to participate in any in person or online meetups with local Pittsburgh investors. Thanks!

Updated 5 months ago

If you are interested in being included in this BP meetup, please send me your email via DM. Thanks!

I know the Pittsburgh REIA still has meetups, both online and in person. They had one last night in a park locally. ACRE is another large group locally and they are still having virtual meetups for sure during these times.


Y’all ever move forward with your meet up idea? I’d like to hear from more in the area as well. I close on my first purchase on Thursday and love to bounce some ideas off others. 

Hey! I’d love to be included in this idea. I’m a Pittsburgh native but living in FL at the moment. I’m a newbie as well with 2 rentals.

I want to continue investing in Pittsburgh. My wife and I are there often as both of our families are still there.

I might not be able to attend all in person meetings, but I can definitely contribute from afar until we start flying again. I’m willing to help coordinate as well.

Hello, I'm a Pittsburgh native but live in Guam at the moment. I want to start investing in Pittsburgh while I'm out here so I can not attend meetings in person. I'm a complete newbie and would be willing to help in any way I could. 

I'm currently looking for a real estate agent.

Taro Boyd