Treasurer's Sale - what is the process?

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In a prior post I had mentioned acquiring an abandoned property.  I've talked to the city's real estate office and they recommended requesting a Treasurer's Sale, which I have done.  The property will be up for sale at the next auction.  The person at the real estate office mentioned that if nobody bids at the upset price, as the requestor, I can acquire a deed to the property for basically nothing.  I would assume there is additional process beyond the Treasurer's sale if there are no bidders, but he didn't give details.  Can anyone confirm or does anyone have experience with this process in Pittsburgh?

@Chris Nocera I do have a lot of experience. There is a reason why a property doesn't sell. Normally it is so bad that there is no value. Most properties at the sale are in very poor condition. Unless you can drive by the property and possibly see inside somehow I would not even go down this rabbit hole.