Best place for a HELOC in Pgh

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Is there a difference in bank HELOCS on primary residence? Rates, Annual fees, LTV % you can borrow or any other costs? First time using one so looking for some experienced users and the banks chosen and why. Thanks.

I spoke with a bunch of lenders when I was setting up a HELOC a few years ago and First National Bank ended up offering the best rate and terms by far. Monica Stanton is the rep I worked with and she turned out to be one of the best bankers I've encountered in all my years of real estate. I'm sure Google can provide her contact info but DM me if you can't find it. Good luck!

I have one with Clearview FCU. They actually would do 100% appraised value on my home but my credit wasn't quite good enough for that so I ended up at 90%. They also do commercial loans on rental properties if you are looking to BRRRR. They could be a good partner for such a venture.