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Hello all, my name is Michael Vieira. I moved to Pittsburgh a few months ago and I am looking to network with other real estate professionals. My goal is to build a network with some of the best Real Estate investors, agents, property managers, mortgage brokers, private and hard money lenders, contractors, etc. in the Pittsburgh, PA area that I can not only look to for advice, but to partner with on future deals/ projects. Along with a relentless work ethic, I would like to accelerate my career in the real estate industry by meeting others that share the same passion for real estate, architecture, profitability, and being the best, that I do. I have grown up in a family of entrepreneurs/ real estate investors/ contractors and have worked around it my whole life, which is how I originally derived interest in Real Estate.

As I am new to Pittsburgh, PA, I am more than willing to lend a hand in projects/ deals or anything else that is Real Estate related in order to gain more experience and insight on the market. Let me know! I will be happy to help and most importantly learn.

I am always looking for and analyzing deals. I just need to find the right people to work with in order to capitalize on these opportunities. My focus has been in Commercial Real Estate and Multi-Family, however, I want to learn more about other real estate investing opportunities. Please shoot me a private message, I am looking forward to speaking with you. Also, if you have any recommendations on who to reach out to that would be much appreciated. Thanks.

- Mike Vieira

Hey Mike.  I'm new to investing but not to this area.  Shoot me a message and I'll be happy to share my contact info and share ideas.  

@Michael Vieira shoot me a private message I am happy to connect and network with you. There are plenty of local organizations that hold monthly workshops and networking events that would be super helpful to you

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