Neighborhoods To Look At In The Pittsburgh Market

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Hey all,

I am actually on the other side of the state in Philadelphia. 

Our market has been tough to find a good deal of late. 

I am starting to see more deals in the Pittsburgh area where the numbers make more sense. I am not familiar with the Pittsburgh market and I am wondering what neighborhoods should one look into when considering a buy and hold in the area for either SF or MF?

Appreciate your help! 

- Joe

@Joe Platyan not knowing the areas you should make a few visits here and if you are serious about the market you then need to start building a good team here. Nobody can tell you where to invest until you know what you want. Do you want to speculate and buy something in a run down neighborhood hoping it will improve? Do you want a high end area with great school districts and stability? Indeed the market is less expensive here than most of Philadelphia but its just as hard to find a deal.

@Joe Platyan Hi Joe. Glad you reaching out inquiring about the Pittsburgh market. It certainly has a better buy-in than many other more saturated markets but can be particularly tricky when not knowing the area. I would suggest talking to people that know the area, the market, and the properties in that area very well and can provide you with an overview of the neighborhoods and some of the nuances that are particular for Pittsburgh. Then, if Pittsburgh still interests you, come over for a visit. You are not that far away. I agree having a reliable, trustworthy team on board when you are long distance investing is crucial and what better way to ensure that than to engage with people that have insight into your market of interest. 

Hey Joe. I agree with what the guys say. Your big picture plan for investing is important. I do also suggest a team as well as it is important to have all of your ducks in a row to maximum your timelines for turnaround for rental, etc. A more generic answer would be, if you are looking for B/C neighborhood, Brookline, Brentwood, Brighton Heights, Bellevue, Avalon, Swissvale, etc. are some of the best neighborhoods. We have a constant wait list of renters we are working with and we probably have over 150 renters for those areas in the $800-$1400/month range.