Seeking blanket loan help

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Hello, I'm looking for lenders that specialize in refinancing multiple properties at once on a blanket loan -- specifically 3 SFRs. They are all in PA. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Looking to start expanding my portfolio and new to Commercial here. I hold 2 SFH in PA and 1 SFH in NJ. I'm looking to purchase 1 50/50 mixed use and 1 SFH in NM.

Any recommendations on structuring financing?  Blanket loan?  keep individual?


If you're searching for 'blanket loans' I would recommend asking the bank if they can do a separate release for any property that you might sell that was financed with this 'blanket loan'.

I'm in PA - I've had great success with S&T bank with their portfolio loan program, but I don't think they lend in Jersey.