Anyone investing in the New Castle area?

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Originally posted by @Jeremy Taggart :

@Jared McCullough I invest in Beaver County a little south of New Castle. New Castle is great for cash flow but I wouldn't expect much appreciation potential there just because of how far up it is.


Thanks for getting back. I live outside Chippewa but currently only own rentals in Indiana County. I am looking to invest a little more local. 

Do you go to the real estate gathering? I wouldn't mind talking with someone who has some experience in the area. 

I know quite a bit about New Castle but not about the rental market and I am just worried about saturation. The buy in price and market seems to good for me to believe that there is not some underlying reason why more of these properties I'm seeing are not selling quicker.

Hi all! I am originally from Beaver County (Aliquippa) and recently moved home to flip a few houses that my family has decided to sell off.  Now I am looking at acquiring a few properties for myself. 

I found the lowest prices at foreclosure auctions, so I am taking a closer look at that. Auction World USA is hosting some auctions this weekend in New Castle. I'll let you know if I make it up there.

Thanks for the tip to ACRE Beaver County.  I'll check out their meeting this Tuesday the 23rd.  Let me know if you want to meet up before or after.  Cheers!

@Jared McCullough I'd consider right in your backyard. Beaver Falls, New Brighton, and Rochester are all great markets for rentals in my opinion. Good cash flow and some upside with the developments going on in Beaver County right now. Decently close to Cranberry as well to take advantage of the spillover there. 

I've been to quite a few ACRE Beaver meetings but no longer attend because I have an obligation every month that is at the same time as the meetings. It's a good group of people though and worth attending if you can. @Terry Tomei

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