Need a Real Estate Agent in Pittsburgh PA to help find BRRRR

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I'm an experienced investor and I'm looking into doing the BRRRR method in Pittsburgh, PA. I'm new to the market so am hoping someone can suggest a good Real Estate agent that has experience with working with investors and more importantly has some knowledge about the BRRRR method.

Any leads would be much appreciated!


I have two great contacts for you (Agent and Mortgage Broker) who will no doubt help you out. They just helped me buy my first deal in the area and are very knowledgeable/  experienced in the market. Message me for their contact info!

@Matt Hilliard Hi Matt, I'm sending you a private message. And @Kevin Wilson , please allow me to add to your inquire by saying that many Investors are looking at Pittsburgh as a money making real estate venture. The buy in here is a lot better than other more saturated markets. The ability to obtain cash flowing properties that can also offer great returns is strong providing you do your due diligence. Pittsburgh is poised for many up and coming real estate developments, some of which have started breaking ground already. These neighborhoods should see a huge boost in growth upon completion. Want to know more about the Pittsburgh area? Feel free to reach out to me. I've lived here my whole life and am in and out of investment properties every single day. Thanks, Gary

Thanks everyone for the input and contacts.  @Kevin Wilson what draws me to Pittsburgh is that it seems to have a certain Edge to it.  It's seems to be forward thinking city and has a lot of artistic/creative people that seem to be drawn there.  It's also a place that I would consider living at some point.  It is also a large metropolitan city but still seems to have some affordability when it comes to investment property.  I look forward to getting to know Pittsburgh more through my property search.