Meet ups in Pittsburgh for beginner

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Hello, I am pretty new to real estate and am looking to find a deal for an owner occupied duplex. My goal is to build a portfolio of multi unit properties. What are some good things to do to get started in the area? Do any meet ups exist in the Pittsburgh area for real estate? I have come across the REIA so far.

Thanks everyone!


Thank you guys for your responses. Jason- targeting northside, Bloomfield, friendship right now. I live in shadyside currently. I’ve heard that Brighton heights/observatory hill would be nice alternatives outside the city

@Justin DAlessandro I manage a small South Hills meetup thats part of the Pittsburgh REIA. You are welcome to attend. Usually the 4th Thursday of each month, but I post the events on here.

The Pittsburgh REIA has tons of subgroups for whatever you are looking to do.
House Hacking is a great way to start! It's the way I started and the way a lot of people in the group started/or are trying to get started. So there'd be some good knowledge in the room for you if you'd like to attend. 

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