Sellers trashed property!

4 Replies | Allentown, Pennsylvania

Hey guys, quick question! Im a newbie to this this Market, I have a property but it still have the owner belongings in it (sofas bedding etc). Do I have to clean out the property first? Or sell the property AS IS? 

@Derrick W.

Are you a wholesaler?

If so, then leave it to the buyer to take care of that.

However, if you are going to be holding on to the property for a period of time, why not make it more attractive to buyers and clean it out?

The less work a buyer has to do on a property the more potential a buyer would actually want to purchase it.

Besides, have you not heard of those news stories where someone buys a house and upon cleaning, find a million dollar coin or painting? That could be you.

I would also clean it out, but first check local/state laws on how long a previous owner/tenant might have to claim crap that they have left behind. It would be terrible to toss it then find out they have 30 or 60 days from the date they vacate to claim their junk!