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Is there any interest in having a "meet up" in Columbia, SC.  I can't make any of the evening meetings so I'm selfishly asking if anyone would want to get together at lunch time or for breakfast during the week.  I've got the venue downtown Columbia. 

Taking a poll here:  Who's interested?  Breakfast time (7 or 8am).  OR Lunch time (12 or 1pm)  

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Hi All - I currently live in Greensboro but there is an outside chance i could make the meet up if the timing works. What time are you all looking at?

Also, I am at the action stage as I have started putting out offers for potential properties. Hopefully something that makes sense clicks soon. Would you guys be able to recommend property manager and contractors I can look at in Columbia?

I am currently looking to by around Harbinson.

Any recommendations will be welcome.

Hi All - I finally closed on the property. Inspection did not indicate a roof issue but insurance said we need a roof fix. Would you guys have any recommendation for a reputable company I can call in Columbia to go assess extent of repairs needed for the roof?

We have missed a few weeks but time to get together.  Next Thursday 5/31 at noon at the Inn at USC.  I'm ordering pizza!!  

Bring your own lunch if you want.   Please let me know if you can come so i can make sure we can get enough participation.  

This will be a time to share and celebrate our successes. We will also have some "experts" in REI there for some Q and A or problem solving time. Bring your deals, questions and business cards for some solid networking in Columbia.

Hi Guys - I recently completed my first purchase in Feb 2018. That has all settled down and so far so good. I am looking to buy another property and reached out to my contractor and I realized he his no longer in Columbia. Would you guys have any recommendation for a Contractor I could use?

Thanks in Advance.

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