Looking for General Contractors in Columbia, SC

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@Andrew R. Lucas   Probably not many... we're closing on our first property (duplex) next week, but plan to expand in the future.  So it'd start slow, but the sky is the limit as we grow.  No immediate projects, just looking to establish reliable folks for the future.


@Pete Mathias PM me the details and I'll share it with a GC I know.  If hes interested i'll have him reach out to you. 

Location, reno scope, budget, timeline, cash or financed.  All will be helpful for him.  I know hes busy but I think he wants to add a project manager so he needs more work.  

Hey @Andrew R. Lucas , I have been at a conference in Dallas this week. I am currently looking at purchasing either three duplexes in the Rosewood and Shandon area or a single duplex near Fort Jackson, but I am working on assembling a team that can work with me on these projects when I'm ready to move forward. At a minimum, I want to purchase one duplex before the end of the year and then gradually increase each following year. 

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