Insurance agent/company recommendation for Columbia rentals

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Hi all,

Looking for any recommendations on insurance agents or companies for the Columbia area.  My partners and I are in the process of closing on a duplex in the area and need to line up insurance.

Also, any tips or "remember to ask this" or "get coverage for that" advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Pete Mathias I know this is old but just saw it. I use Livingston Insurance in West Columbia and they are excellent. They have all my rentals and personal policies. Try them if you haven't had any luck yet!

Agree with @Adam Odom .

I know the owners of Livingston Insurance and they are great. Be sure to let them know if the properties are going to be student rentals. That will raise your premium but you need to have the correct insurance in case you have to make a claim.

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