The Cayce Avenues.....

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Newbie investor here. My wife and I are currently under contract on a SFR which would be our first rental property. Assuming this goes well, our goal will be to purchase a 2-5 more properties over the next few years.

I'd really like to get some opinions/insight on the Avenues market in general as well as an outlook on the West Columbia market as a whole.

@Ethan Hart I agree with @Adam Odom 's insight. Avenues property is selling at a high PPSF and fairly quickly. I've owned property over there since 2006 and I'm bullish on that area. It is close to downtown and has lower property taxes than Richland County.

I'd stay away from this area if you're going for student rentals, though. It is not impossible but it's much harder to get students across the bridge in my experience. 

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