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I've just began researching the Columbia area and was curious about a few things. A little about myself, I am interested in a SFH or MF for less than $85K. I also plan on implementing the BRRRR method as my strategy for investing. My question is what is the path of progress for Columbia? I understand that revitalization efforts are occurring around Bull Street as well as in North Columbia. Are these good areas to focus on if I want to take advantage of any future appreciation? What other areas should I keep an eye on as well? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I would avoid that area like the plague especially if you are not local.  I am buying a lot in the Broad and Bush River areas.  Rosewood though a little more expensive is going through a lot of revitalizing.   Irmo has some great schools and good rent to value ratios.  The path of progress is more west of the river in Lexington.

@Ron McGriff I personally prefer 29205 and 29201 (downtown/University of SC areas) but I also like 29033 and 29169 in Lexington County. 29206 is also strong and some sections of 29204.

@Ron McGriff as you can see from the previous posts, Columbia has many paths of progress.  Our City is expanding in all directions.  Some areas are working and others are over built with little demand.  Take your time getting to know the area and you can do well here. 

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