Seeking fellow investors, Columbia SC

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Hey BP Columbia SC,

I'm looking to connect with other new investors starting out in the Columbia, SC market.  I moved here a few months ago and am looking to invest in my first rental property hopefully soon.  I'd love to meet some other people who are new to investing here also to bounce ideas back and forth with.  I'd like to compare my experiences and market analyses thus far with others' and see what we think is working and what's not.  I think it could be extremely valuable to both of us.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to connect with local wholesalers and investor-savvy realtors as well.  I'm a buyer with money to put down, looking for the right properties.  I've met a few at the local meet-up but would love to meet more.

Please feel free to reach out via direct message or this discussion thread and we can share contact info.

Thank you!


Hey Brandon! Welcome to Columbia! I've got a couple leads on properties if you're interested. I'll PM them to you. 

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