Anybody else having trouble with Section 8 since shutdown?

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I changed property managers in December.  Tenant is current, but neither the old PM or the new PM has received any S8 co-pay from North Charleston Housing Authority for Jan or Feb.  New PM says they have heard it's due to shutdown.  Or maybe because NCHA moved offices about the same time.

Anybody else having this problem?

Pearce... call the NC housing authority... they are great.  From my understanding this is digital payment system unless your property has not passed the annual inspection (one of your PMs should know this but the housing authority will tell you if you ask) if your property failed the inspection they will withhold payment until they reinspect and pass.  Sounds like some kind of communication breakdown.

Inspected in December...corrections made...passed re-inspection in January.

If you're not having the same problem, I guess it's more of a transition thing than shutdown-related...inspection/re-inspection, new PM, new office, etc. all at the same time.  Just have to wait for dust to settle.

I am a new Real Estate Investor in Charleston. Are there networking or informational groups in the area that you would recommend? Thank you!

@Pearce G. - New PM will have to submit their paperwork as a payee and either an assignment of lease or a new lease.  Once both are done, they will receive a HAP agreement which will need to be signed and returned before you payment can be issued.

@Pearce G. I think @Patti Robertson is correct. I bet it's because your manager has changed. I closed one with Sect 8 tenants during the shutdown and they were able to get the rents in to the new owner the following cycle. 

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