Deciding Market to Target - Charleston SC

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Hey BP members, 

I am looking to move to the greater Charleston, SC area around April. I am looking to buy my first house hack in the area and wondering what market to target. Based on that average home appreciation rate and the YOY rent growth the numbers seem to point to Ladson as the best opportunity (avg appreciation 5.16% and YOY rent growth at 4%). Summerville coming in second at avg appreciation 3.62% and YOY rent growth at 3%. Goose Creek falling in last at avg appreciation 3.72% and YOY rent growth at 0%. 

Do any locals or investors in the area have tips or feedback based on this preliminary assessment? I'm wondering if there is a catch to Ladson or if the numbers are as good as they look. Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Jonah,  Ladson is a great place to live.  30+ years ago we moved from Groton, CT to Goose Creek.  It still fits us today.  One of my investor friends is house hacking in Ladson with great results. There are always pockets of better neighborhoods than others. We welcome you to the Charleston Area and happy investing!  Susan