Need a realtor/prop mgt company to help place a new tenant

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Hello.  I am in need of some recommendations for a realtor/prop mgt/broker to help with tenant placement services in the Park West area of Mount Pleasant.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Hey Matthew,

My husband and I are investors in the Mount Pleasant area and although we aren't licensed as property managers (working on that!) we do manage are own properties and may be able to help.  Touch base with me if you still need some help!


@Robert Seed is an outstanding property manager.  I have another realtor/PM friend who specializes in Mt. Pleasant, Jim Algar.  He is not on BP.  Send me a private message if you would like Jim's info.

The company I hang my realtor license with can find the tenant, manage the property, and they have their own maintenance dept. to help the landlord save money and time.
Message me if your interested.

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