Referrals: Handyman, Electrician, Roofer, Painter, Flooring, etc.

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Hullo Memphis,

Now that we are closed on some properties it is time to start tidying up.  Looking for referrals for:





Flooring people


and a good used appliance place

Thanks team!

Congratulations on your new purchases! You should reach out to Dan Butler with City Lights. They have a one stop shop for all of your rehab needs and very familiar with the Memphis market.  

@Jackson Long - Congrats on your buys!  I agree with @James Martin and would holler at Dan and @Douglas Skipworth .  Also Huntington Roofing (  did our personal residence last fall and were great to work with.  Good luck!!

Thank you @James Martin and @Elizabeth Wilson !

I will definitely be in touch with both of those.  I prefer to keep a solid list of individual discipline providers as they seem to offer a better price/quality than the value-add-vertical-integrated companies.  Although there is a place for that as well.

@Jackson Long The key is to find a great team! Ideally you would find a company that has everything under one roof. Acquisitions team, renovation crews (fully licensed and insured), Property Management, and a Real Estate Investment Brokerage in case you ever decide to sell.

By teaming up with a solid firm you can mitigate your risk and have some "boots on the ground" that have your best interest in mind.

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