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Hello hello! I am a new BiggerPockets member and have so many questions! lol I've researched so much lately and love it! My research has led me to look into the Memphis TN market. I'm looking for discussion on the matter, please. I live in California so I love Memphis for so many reasons. Price point, growth, employment, appreciation forecasts (roughly 4%). I'm also debating between a conventional loan (longer process, more hoops) vs a HML. Thoughts? I don't want to rehab a property and would like to buy and hold a rental for under $150K. Memphis appears to have good price/rent ratios.

Thanks in advance!

Eric Hyde

@Eric Hyde

There are soooo many bigger pocket forums post on this subject I can not begin to tell you if you are going to miss some great information with this and not look at the others on this subject.

My personal preference is conventional loans due to the much lower interest rate than a HML. Regardless of the time it takes for them to approve and close the loans.

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I would agree with @Derrick Craig ! You are only allowed so many conventional loans and they hands down have the best rates and terms. I would exhaust all my conventional loans first and then to continue to build you will eventually have to look at other financing options, so take the easy loans while you can still get em!

Also it sounds like you want to find a reputable turn key company to provide properties for you, so do some research on potential companies you can work with in the area. But Memphis is a great city to invest in and I love it here!

@Eric Hyde

By expressing interest in Memphis you have opened the flood gates so be prepared to be overwhelmed by plenty of " offers of help " from anyone who sells in our market.  Since there are so many companies here you should check into them all if you have the time. 

If you are a hands on type and have the ability to be involved, also with possibilities of paying all cash or using a private lender then you might find more options with a Realtor who is familiar with the investment market.  If you are looking to be more hands off, possible turnkey purchase might be a good option for you.  Make sure to check out the many companies in Memphis.  Check out turnkey-reviews.com for some general feedback on the local companies. 

Good luck

you guys are all awesome. Great advice. Thank you very much!you guys are all awesome. Great advice. Thank you very much.

@Eric Hyde Cue the flood of turnkey company replies! I'm kidding...kind of. On BP you'll find a ton of thoughts on Memphis as a market. A boatload of thoughts on turnkey companies (good and bad). My only counsel: don't buy something sight unseen because a seller-produced pro-forma looks nifty.

@Eric Hyde - Great choice of location (but I'm really biased! :)  As the rest of the locals have stated, there are lots of options for a passive investor in Memphis.  Besides doing what the guys have already advised, I'd also get connected with @Jeremy Roll and check out his FIBI (For Investors By Investors) groups; there are many in your area.  

Also I visit my little brother and his family in LA regularly and would love to meet up if you want to chat more about the Memphis market!  

Best of luck and keep us posted!

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Hi @Eric Hyde , if you’re looking to take a more passive role in your real estate and want the benefits of diversification there are funds available to accredited investors that are designed to allow investors the opportunity for ownership of institutional investment grade property that is occupied by regional, national, and Fortune 500 credited companies. 

DSTs (Delaware Statutory Trusts) also have minimum investments as low as $25,000 for straight cash investments into funds, which are small portfolios of properties. This might be something for you to look further into based on the goals you’ve shared. 

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Why do you keeping showing up on my daily list?  You are obviously a salesperson cheating the system.  Would you please tell me why you keep showing up on this daily list?

@Michael Lee are you referring to me or someone who replied to my comment?  I'm just a guy looking for info.

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