Anyone else having trouble accessing Register of Deeds?

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Hey Shelby County investors! 

 I can't seem to access the property search on the Register of Deeds website (  The home page just loads the pic of Tom and the Memphis skyline banner.  I've tried both Chrome and Firefox.  Called their office but they say it is all fine there.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Thanks and happy Monday! :)

@Curt Davis - Thanks for the quick reply!   I did use the assessor's website to figure out deed/title info for a foreclosure that we bid on today but I find going directly through the Register of Deed's site much easier because I can quickly see all the deeds/liens and grantor/grantee info on one page.  

Just wondering if it was my computer or if anyone else was having problems.

Thanks again! :)

@Elizabeth Wilson

I just checked the link with chrome and it worked fine.  It maybe your computer?  Try it on your phone and see if it pulls up?

Good luck.


@Henry J. and @Curt Davis - So this month my husband put a router block on facebook and that block was the reason the site (and other sites) weren't loading properly.

Thanks to you both for taking the time to look into for me.  

@Henry J. - I'm heading to LA to see my brother and his family in Sherman Oaks in a few weeks.  I'm guessing from your Dallas and Memphis holdings you don't need any more folks on your team here, but just in case, happy to help out!  Just let me know! :)


@Elizabeth Wilson , ok so I have to ask. Why the block on Facebook? To much time wasting on it? There are about 5 sites I need to block to become more productive. I never thought of putting it on the router block.

@Elizabeth Wilson pls let me know when you're in town. I'm always good meeting other investors to learn. I do have a day job and a family so it's always a challenge to find time.

@Alex Craig - yep!  One of my goals this year was less/no social media.  

I actually asked Sam to change my password so I can access when I need to.  I just didn't need that procrastination crutch so accessible.

I highly recommend this method!  It has already been a game changer for me this year.

At least on BP, I feel like I'm learning and/or helping.  And for this extravert working at home, it is a great social outlet! :-)

@Henry J. - totally understand that!  Will let you know just in case!  

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