Contractor Feedback and Recomendations

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Ok after the great reception and feedback from my last post in this forum looking for investor friendly Realtors I am not looking for recommendations on Contractors - both General and sub contractors. For that matter I would love feedback from flippers in Memphis as to how most of your flips are completed. Is 90 days the usual assumption on completion? Is it difficult (besides the normal contractor issues) to find labor?

@Stephen Sokolow  The key is to find a great team! Ideally you would find a company that has everything under one roof. Acquisitions team, renovation crews (fully licensed and insured), Property Management, and a Real Estate Investment Brokerage in case you ever decide to sell.

By teaming up with a solid firm you can mitigate your risk and have some "boots on the ground" that have your best interest in mind. 

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