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Interested in getting thoughts and experiences with property managers in Memphis.  Good stories and bad. Just trying to see who is out there and which companies are working well and which ones aren't.


@Oliver Williams there are several companies to choose from, but I have worked extensively with @Douglas Skipworth at Crestcore and they are top notch.

They have been expanding and growing and have systems in place that make it easy for the owner to relax and know that their property is being managed well.

Another manger in the city that does a good job is @Alex Craig ! I haven't had any properties managed by Alex but know people that do and they always speak very highly of the job he does. I would start there with those two companies.

I always tell my clients that how well the manager manages the property is in their control. You have to manage the managers. A lot of people think they can hire a property manager and then never think about their property again and it unfortunately does not work that way. You do have to hold the manager accountable and have regularly scheduled check ins but I believe you will find these two guys to be your best options in Memphis!

@Oliver Williams

There are several as others have stated. What others experiences are have no bearing on what you might experience but is truly the only way to gauge how things may go. I use CB Properties for my personal portfolio of 22 homes. One thing for me that sticks out and is very important is they secure 18 month leases 100% of the time. Most management companies only focus on 12 month leases which to me is a failed model, also if they deal in a lot of low income areas you could never get that from those renters.  Long term leases along with a great management team is a good place to start to get the best possible return. Minimizing turnover is how out of state investors will win.

Good luck

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