Real Estate Brokers and Mortgage Brokers in Memphis, TN

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My husband and I are relocating to Memphis and are looking for referrals and recommendations for real estate brokers/agents and mortgage brokers. We are interested in house hacking a triplex or 4-plex and plan to finance using an FHA. Does anyone have any names of people they have worked with in the Memphis area?

@Candace Taylor

I highly recommend you search back thru the forums that dealt with multi family investing in the Memphis / Shelby county area. Many of them dealt with tenant and tax issues in multi family. The topic has been discussed frequently lately and a lot of good information is available. READ UP.

I have numerous rentals in the area so a simple search of my postings on the subject should get you to the majority of them. I would start over but my fingers are sore from discussing the issue, lol