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Hello BPers!

I'm a Canadian investor who's new to real estate investing and have been looking at different markets in the US. I came across Memphis as what seems to be a cheap, good buy and hold market to get into. I was wondering if there was anyone who could give me an overview of the current market and some tips on buying in Memphis. What're some good buy and hold neighborhoods, preferably B-C rated and what're some neighborhoods to avoid?

Thanks for any help!

Contact Dean Harris with Crestcore. I highly recommend his team for purchasing and managing property in Memphis

Avoid anything rented for under $800 a month.  And buy as far east as you can. PM me if you'd like specific info but these guidelines will keep you safe.

Oh and only brick, avoid frame at all costs. 

Finally be aware we have 100 scammers for every genuine wholesaler so be careful my man, take your time, do your homework.

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