Finding a HELOC for a Rental Property

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know of local banks / credit unions that give out HELOCs on rental properties (NOO)?

I have a cash property that I'd like to remodel and refinance once the tenant moves out (1 year left on lease) and it doesn't make sense for cash flow purposes to do a cash our refinance right now when I'd like to refinance after I remodel.

Any suggestions on lenders? I have called many large and small banks...


The house you need a heloc on, is it in Memphis and if so where is it located? If it’s in Memphis and a nice home I might have a referral for you. 

Bancorp South has a LOC for rental properties, the only downside is that you have to redo the appraisals each year. Also, just like a normal HELOC, if you carry a balance for a year then the bank will require you to begin paying off the balance on a 15 year amortization. My contact there was Brandon Bryant. He's efficient.

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