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Hey everyone! I am a newbie to real estate investing (and real estate in general) and I would love to start attending any meetups in the Memphis area. I am eager to start building relationships with as many of you as I can! Investors, lenders, flippers, agents, and fellow newbies. 

Hi @Justin Wharton . Welcome! Start by joining MIG - The group meets once a month for a large meeting. Also, there's a group of us that meets at the Butcher Shop on Germantown Pkwy every Friday for lunch (burger Friday deal). Also, we meet at Incredible Pizza for lunch on Sundays. They are very informal. Just show up, eat, and meet people. You'll hear some great stories. There's a few other events that go on throughout the city but this will get you started.

Hey everyone! I am also new to real estate investing and would love to meet other investors to learn and pick you all brains about the industry. Do any of these meetups still go on? 


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