Memphis Investors Meetup

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Hey BP Investors, I'm a Los Angeles resident, but I do buy and hold, flip, wholesale, and whatever else you can do in real estate over in Memphis, TN. I'll be visiting Memphis with my team this upcoming weekend, April 24-29. If any of you are free and want to catch a drink or grab a bite, feel free to connect with me. We're looking to cultivate long-lasting relationships in this market, please reach out with any questions!

Be sure to stop by The Butcher Shop on Friday if you guys are available. The Memphis REI group meets there every Friday at 12pm. It's an informal lunch and you get to network with local investors, wholesalers, etc. Fridays they serve burgers, chicken and salmon on the grill. Ask for the Memphis Investor Group room when you get there.

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Verna, I would like more information about the Memphis REI group.

Home - Memphis Investors Group

Here is the website for MIG. Plenty of seminars from very qualified investors that specialize in almost everything in Memphis. When I was first getting involved in real estate investing, the "Ask the Pros" seminars held just before the main event speaker were a great way to get real life answers to your questions. I highly recommend taking a look at the website.