New to Nashville - Looking to invest in Flips -

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Hi All,

Like many others after reading a lot I am ready to wet my feet. I have 6 rental  investments overseas and have down indirect investments in SFHs in Ohio.I am looking now to do fix & flips in the Nashville area.

I was wondering if there are opportunities in the  $150-250k ARVrange.

I would love to hear from local investors/realtors/lenders etc what is their opinion of the opportunities in this market and where are the neighborhoods/suburbs that would work for me.



Well first of all I'm happy for your decision, I personally think that Nashville is among the best places to invest, especially now when the music industry is booming. Having a few rental investments in Nashville will turn out to be a good investment, but you must find the right real estate agent to work with. Last time I was looking for an agent I went on and searched for realtors in Nashville ... it turned out good for me. Good luck!

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