Nashville real estate help.

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Hey guys. I’m relatively new to this site. I’m a Metro Nashville Public School teacher looking to start my own real estate venture. I want to specifically learn more about rental properties around Madison, Goodlettsville, hermitage, and anywhere within a 20 mile  radius of Nashville. I’ve read books, and I’ve listened to countless podcast, but I’m missing diverse advice from actual investors in our city. I’m all ears. Thanks.

Welcome - I’d recommend joining REIN, - attend some meetings, network, learn more directly. Lots of good info there. You can attend as a guest for free to some events, small fee for others.

Welcome Davon! 

Just like Lucius suggested, I recommend joining REIN. They have monthly meetings, each with a different speaker. It's a great place to network with a diverse group of investors. There are also several sub-groups that focus on different areas of investing.  I'm happy to help in anyway, just let me know. 

Hey Davon, welcome to the site! Great place to expand your network, even better industry to hop into. As you have already probably figured out, Nashville's market is growing exponentially, so it's a great time. My team and I work with new investors like yourself in order to help you find the best project to help get you into the game, without rushing you. Shoot me a PM if you would be interested!

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