New to Nashville (Davidson County)

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I'm new to the Nashville area and am looking to buy a multi-family property in Davidson County. How difficult is it to get permitted for a multi-family when the property is zoned RS40 land use description "single family"? I'm looking specifically in the southwest neighborhoods (37209, 37205, 37215, 37204, 37220, 37212)? 

In this particular case there are other multi-family houses on the block with the same RS40 zoning, but the land use description is "duplex".

Thanks in advance!

Welcome Elijah,

Rezoning in those zips are difficult - I have lived in 37205 most all of my life...neighbors put up a big fight -

the time & $ invested in the attempt isn't worth it in the long run. I'd focus on more fringe areas, our growth is still

strong and will continue to be --

The more dense the surrounding multi family land use is, the better your odds. Unless most if not all of the properties adjacent to this property are already zoned/land use for duplex, I would say it's not a battle worth fighting. Very slim odds.

However, other considerations would be what is the neighborhood policy (what direction is the community wanting to go, there's actually plans for this written down somewhere and accessible online), and what does the council member in favor of. 

Just as a point of clarification this is not rezoning per-say as the zoning stays the same. Instead it's changing the land use description which is currently SF, but was Duplex 20 years ago. Does that change the difficulty of getting it approved?